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We have a special person in our school. She is not a teacher, yet she has a special bond with every child in the school.  She is not the principal, but she can take charge in most situations.  She is not a teacher-aide or assistant yet, all look to her for help. She is not the custodian, but she often opens doors in the morning and locks them at night. She does not drive a bus, yet she knows which bus every child in the school takes to go home. She is not the administrator, yet all look to her for answers because she knows.

Students come to her when they need to know about upcoming events, or are looking for a band-aid. She dries tears and when they are sick, they ask her, "Please call my Mom."  They ask for her opinions.  She has helped to organize events for them and worries about how they are coping with school routine. She has driven students home, to the doctor, to the hospital, to grandma's house.

Parents call her with questions.  They ask her to deliver messages to their children. Sometimes they call at 3:25, giving her five minutes to track down their children and deliver their messages.  Sometimes the message are not even important and sometimes she needs to deliver several messages at the same time to opposite ends of the school.

Teachers depend on her to run errands.  They call her when the photo-copier doesn't do what they expect. They ask her to cut oranges, make juice, dish out cookies, package Christmas bags, buy products for the school store, deliver messages of all sorts, pick up the mail and post it as well.  She collects money and counts it, sometimes for several events at the same time.

She makes out book and supply orders, checking to see that the school division is getting the best deal for their money and knows from experience how many of a certain item to order.  She receives shipments of orders and is in school long before the beginning of the school year to see that orders have been received and that all is ready to start the year.

Yesterday, I was in the office and I noticed that she was making phone calls to find living quarters for new teachers coming in to the community. She is concerned about how they will fit in to the community and is willing to help them if they need it.

You might think that a person with the skills of an administrator, accountant, teacher, social worker, guidance counselor and real estate broker should be making one terrific wage. Unfortunately, she receives the meager wage of the school secretary. Without her, we would be lost. 

Thank you Beryle.


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