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 In kindergarten my good friend let me have the red crayon when all that was left was the ugly black one.
 In first grade my  good friend  went to the bathroom with me and held my hand as we walked through the scary halls.
 In second grade my good friend was the one who
helped me stand up to the class bully.
In third grade my good friend was the one who shared his lunch with me when I forgot mine on the bus.
In fourth grade my good friend was willing to switch square dancing partners in gym so I wouldn't have to be stuck do- si-do-ing with 'that girl' Susan.
In fifth grade my friend saved a seat on the back of the bus for me.
In sixth grade my friend went up to 'that girl', Susan,  and asked her to dance with me.  In case she said "no", I wouldn't have to be embarrassed.
 In seventh grade my friend was let me copy the social studies homework that I  never finished the night before.
In eighth grade my good friend helped me pack up my stuffed animals and old baseball cards so my room would be 'high schoolers' room, and he never laughed when I broke into tears.
 In ninth grade my good friend went with me to that "cool" party thrown by a senior so I wouldn't wind up being the only freshman there.
In tenth grade my good friend was the person who changed
his schedule so I would have someone to sit with at lunch.
In eleventh grade my good friend gave me a ride in his new car, convinced my parents that I shouldn't be grounded,
consoled me when I broke up with  Susan, and found me a date to the prom.
In twelfth grade my good friend  helped me pick out a college, assured me that I could get into that college, helped me deal with my parents who were having a hard time adjusting to the idea of letting me go....
At graduation my good friend was crying on the inside but managed the biggest smile he could give as he congratulated me.
 The summer after twelfth grade my good friend  helped me clean up the bottles from that party, helped me sneak out of the house when I just couldn't deal with my parents, assured me that now that Susan and I were back together, I could make it through anything, helped me pack up for college and just silently hugged me as I looked through blurry eyes at 18 years of memories I was leaving behind, and finally on those last days of childhood, went out of his way to come over and send me off  to  college with a hug, a lot of memories, and reassurance that I was loved.
Today, a good friend is still the person who gives you the better of the two choices......
holds your hand when you're scared
helps you fight off those who try to take advantage of you
thinks of you at times when you are not there,
reminds you of what you have forgotten,
helps you put the past behind you but understands when you need to hold on to it little longer,
stays with you so that you have confidence
 goes out of their way to make time for you
 helps you clear up your mistakes,
helps you deal with pressure from others,
smiles for you when you are sad,
helps you become a better person
and most importantly loves you!

      For friends of the past and friends of the future, and those we have met along the way. There's never a wrong time to pick up a phone or send a message telling your friends how much you miss them or how much you love them.

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